Thursday, June 18, 2009

I Just Had To Laugh

After my salad fiasco, both my husband (we'll call him "C") and my visiting brother-in-law (we'll call him "H") walked in with a "you had to be there moment". Here's their story..... H was in Orlando testing for his FL contractor's license. After work, C met up with H so H could follow C back to my home where's he's staying for a couple of days.
So they pull off the freeway and H is following the blue Dodge Ram truck which takes him to our subdivision and pulls into a driveway. H is wondering why C pulled into this driveway which he knows is not ours and thinks again that maybe C had to do a quick visit with the neighbor.
The doors to the truck open and people are getting out of the truck with cell phone in hand and pointing to H. Their yelling at H telling him they have 911 on the phone and asked why H followed them home and pulled into their driveway.
H was so embarrassed and quickly apologized saying he followed the wrong truck home. He thought he was following his brother and didn't until that moment realize that he was following the wrong truck.
My neighbors hung up with 911 and had a good laugh. H described our truck and lucky for H they knew our truck and gave him directions to our house.
So if you read my previous blog, you know that I screwed up last night's potato salad (actually I was able to save it). While H was relaying the story to me, I had sauce on the stove. I was laughing so hard at the story, I forgot about the sauce and completely burnt it (there was no saving it!!)
After all that, what else could go wrong, well I found out during dinner, H did not pass the test and will have to come back in August. H missed the passing grade by .7, that's like half of a question. Considering he had 3 hours of studying Florida's regs, he didn't do too bad.


  1. That had to be pretty brutal and embarrassing, but it makes a great post. hee hee..

    Sorry about the cooking experiences. That is me daily. Burn is my middle name.

  2. crazeeee story! like the new look of your blog!