Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I Can't Believe I Just Did That!!!!

I just got done making more eggs and potatoes to add to last nights potato salad. I was doing really well up until I added the seasoning. I undid the cap and began shaking the seasoning out of the bottle before realizing that I took off the shaker with the holes too. My first thought was shit!!! I can't believe I just did that!!!!!

See the top of the label just above the yellow box, that's how much was in there when I started. You can see in the picture, just how much I dumped in the salad.

This is how much is still in the salad after I dumped what I could in the sink.
This is how much is in the sink.
Never fear....the salad was saved after I scooped up the top layer and washed the seasoning off the potatoes.

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  1. :o unlucky! gosh that must be so annoying! At least it was saved :)