Monday, March 2, 2009

Purple Passion

Oh so pretty~
I took so many great pictures this morning that I had a hard time choosing which one to use for today's blog. I knew I'd lean more toward this one because I love the color purple.
Something to think about~
Why is it that people who sit in the aisle seat of an airplane, feel that it's okay to invade the space of the person sitting in the middle? errrr
Hello it's just me~
So today is my last day in San Diego, I'll be sad to leave but I need to finish this journey. Now on to Hawaii :D. I'm really not looking forward to the plane ride tomorrow, the flight is really gonna suck if I have to sit in the middle :(. Oh well, I know not to expect too much when flying space A. So thank you my sister for giving up your bed for me... appreciate it and I'll see you in Hawaii in a few weeks. Oh just incase you didn't catch my sisters blog, you can find her at...

Well... I must end here, you know how it is...
Till the next time.... Tootles

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