Sunday, March 1, 2009


Yard Sale - Ohio St. - San Diego
I found this $4.00 painting at a yard sale while visiting my sister in San Diego. The story is the woman who sold it was in France for a couple of years and would walk the area where artist would line the streets to paint. She said the scene was a view from 18e Arrt Butte Montmartre. There were three reasons I made this purchase, one~it kinda went with the theme my sister was going for, 2~it was a steal and 3, I loved the colors.
Something to think about
Why pay full price for an item you like when you can go to a yard sale or even the swap meet to pick something up at a great price. Sometimes all it needs is a good cleaning or with the picture above a frame. In today's economy, you can decorate with amazing finds if you're willing to look.
Hello it's just me
I can't believe my time here is coming to an end. I totally enjoyed spending time with my sister and coming across some amazing shop keepers and finds at really great prices. I have just one more full day then I'm off to Hawaii. Keep checking back and I'll keep you updated on my Hawaii trip and promise to take a lot of pictures that will be posted to my blog.

Well... I must end here, you know how it is...
Till the next time.... Tootles

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