Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Blue Beauty

The majestic blue
I took this picture of these jellyfish while visiting Sea World in Orlando Florida. I clearly remember seeing this display and how mesmerizing it felt. It's got me to thinking how peaceful it looks yet in the same breath, how something so beautiful can cause a person so much pain.
Something to think about
In reference to the picture and the statement I've just made, as the saying goes....looks can be deceiving. It's like standing at your kitchen window with a cup of coffee in hand, looking out and saying to yourself, it's such a beautiful day. You get ready to run your errands, open the door then slamming it shut. OMG it's freezing. So whether you're checking out a guy, a book or new friends, be careful, they just might sting you.
Hello it's just me
So much to do so little time. I have 7 days before I take off for my month and a half long trip to San Diego and Hawaii. I have to start making a list of things to do before I leave, like... a thorough cleaning of the house (the husband is allergic to cleaning), wash every stick of laundry and dish. My husband (Chuck) is feeling the pressure of getting things done while I'm gone, like feeding the animals ( 2 dogs 2 cats) and cleaning up after them. Things I normally would take care of that he now has to do. I'm thinking I should feel bad but I don't. Ooops :D oh well. My trip isn't all pleasure but let's look at it this way, the faster I can take care of business the more time I'll have to play.

Well I must end here...you know how it is, places to go, people to see and errands to run.

Till the next time....Tootles

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