Monday, February 16, 2009

Sexy Red Shoes

The sexy red shoes...

Some may ask, what's so sexy about these shoes? Oh come on now ladies, we all know, shoes that look like these are killer. Oh the pain we all must endure just to walk and dance in them. The turning of heads is reward in itself.

Something to think about...

Although a heart can be broken by the tragic events of a day, a day can also bring a new chance at love and a deeper understanding of life's infinite possibilities.

Hello it's just me...

I just found out that I'm flying to Hawaii with a 3-4 day layover in San Diego. Oh poor me, I have to visit my sister. Hmm I'm sure we'll get into some type of trouble . :D I love San Diego and I love my sister, oh and by the way, she has a bog as well, visit her blog site @ diamonds and daisies. Any hoozer, we were talking the other evening about she taking our visiting niece to Seaport Village for breakfast. There is nothing real special about the food, it's good but the best part of eating there is that every morning, one of San Diego's fire departments comes down to do their morning run. I'm sure that that is what makes the food there all the better! Yummy!

Well I must end here... you know how it is, place to go, people to see and errands to run.

Till the next time....Tootles

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  1. Awwww to be young and able to wear shoes that hot! When you hit my age falling off the dang things can break a bone lol. Have a wonderful and safe trip!