Monday, October 1, 2012

Week 16

So I'm hoping this will be my last Sunday visit to the house. If everything works out, we should be closing on Friday. I'm not likely to hear anything regarding the credit score fiasco no later than Tuesday. I'm trying not to cry or stress about it cause lets face it, there's nothing I can say or do about it period. But believe me, I do want to cry and I am stressed it's making me sick to my stomach. Walking through the house today made it even more real for me. I love it but what if I lose it... it's killing me. Well here are today's pictures. Enjoy :)
The grass is in the fence is up and the shutter's and door have been painted

the sink area

make room for the dishwasher

the dining room

upstairs bathroom

I've found that the good thing about having builder grade items throughout the house is being able to take my time making choices on the look I'm going for. Even when I was picking things like the carpet and granite, I felt rushed. I'm feeling better.
This week, if all goes well, I'll post the final walk through, the signing, the moving and the I'm not sorry to see you go... apartment. We moved to Texas 2 years ago and apartment living is not for me. We'll talk again on Wednesday.
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