Sunday, September 9, 2012

Week 13

I was kind of bummed today when the husband and I went for our usual look see at the house. I'll be showing you what they did on the outside and that's about it. The house is now locked. The sales guy who normally has the key (just in case it's needed) forgot the key at home. Ugh! Though looking through the window, it looks like the drywall has been taped and mud. We'll visit the house sometime this week just to keep up on the goings on.
The brick is up (a quick Saturday drive by)

 Front view... still needs paint

The entry

Colors are a bit off but this accent chair is a serious contender

The matching couch

It's almost over.... and it's kinda sad, but we move in in just short of 26 days woot woot!
See you next week!

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