Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Week 12

We got a call from the builder this past week and were given a tentative closing date of Oct 5. yipee!!! We are so excited just one more month.
Oh and we got another call on Friday from the builder wanting us to come over to take a look and to verify our color choices. Ummm yea those are the colors we chose and we're not changing our minds. The colors we chose were being used for the 1st time and the paint contractor wanted to be sure there were no errors in the choice. Other homeowners in the area were choosing the same old same old. It kinda made me second guess myself until I was watching a show over the weekend that were showing the colors we chose as top trending colors. I don't know if I really want trending colors because sooner or later, they'll fade and new colors will trend, but I really like the colors that I've chosen and I think I'll stick with them. Of course you won't be able to see it till it's painted.
This past week the brick was delivered, they poured the cement for the back patio and about 95% of the dry wall is up.

 A view from the model home.. the back of the house.

 Ground view of the back.

 Master bedroom.

 From the living room looking at the kitchen, nook & dining room.

 Folding table for the laundry room.

Storage cabinet for the laundry room.

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