Sunday, September 23, 2012

Week 15

It's almost here. Next Sunday will be the last time I take updated pictures of my home in progress. In less then 2 weeks we sign on the dotted line of the many many pages of one large document.
We grabbed the keys from the sales office and off we went into our home to check the progress. Here are some of today's pictures :)

kitchen... cabinets, tile and granite 

 nook... light fixture and flooring
dining room... light fixture 

upstairs bathroom 

shower and linen closet 

getting the lawn ready for sod and fence 

shutters are on and ready for painting

(the boring stuff)
  1. Call and set up our cable, internet, phone, gas, electric, water and trash.
  2. Call the sod guy to sod our back yard.
  3. Call and set up a schedule for a lawn service.
  4. Set up delivery for furniture, washer & dryer and mattresses.
(the uber fun stuff)
  1. Go shopping and accessorize the house!
  2. Keep shopping till it's done!
So now that we'll be done in another week or so, I figure I'll take you on my next journey which will be putting my house together one room at a time. 
For now..... have a great week and I'll see you next Sunday!

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