Friday, January 21, 2011

TGIF??? I don't think so

Ever notice how people who hold down a "9-5" job always say TGIF or woo hoo or yay!
Well not me! When I was young, my mom and I plus my siblings (well most of us) cleaned the house from top to bottom every Saturday before we could meet up with friends. As I grew older, I thought to myself that I would never clean on a Saturday...that's the weekend and it's play time. When I got married and had a baby I began cleaning on Saturday till I remembered I never wanted to do that. And so it began, my cleaning day is Friday. It's been that way for over 20 years yuk yuk yuk but I still have my weekends free and a clean house :).
So let's see....what do I have to look forward to tomorrow? Hmmm oh yah we'll be going to my husbands job so I can help him organize and help file 6 months worth of paperwork :( That just doesn't sound right to me.
But for today, I'll clean the house top to bottom and go to a Dr's appointment. Yay for me!
Enjoy your weekend all!

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