Saturday, January 16, 2010

Roadside Stand

Originally, I was going to blog about the local farmers market in my town. I have to save it for another day because something was wrong with my camera and it started to rain. Once in the car, I was able to find the problem but by then we were already leaving.
What I will blog about is this small family owned veggie stand that sits just outside of the families farm. Most of the products sold is grown on the farm and the rest is brought in from the outside. People like myself tend to make all produce purchases at the grocery store so going to a vegetable stand was new to me. The veggies not only looked fantastic but you can smell and feel the freshness. Another great feature of this little roadside stand is it also sells BBQ pork, home made ice cream and hot boiled peanuts (love it).
We did purchase both fruits and vegetables as well as a pulled pork sandwich and plate lunch. OMG yummy on the lunch. I apologize in advance but I forgot to take pictures of the lunch.. I'm sure we'll be back there in the near future so stay tuned. Enjoy the photo's of today's adventure.





  1. is it snowing? wish i could have gone looks like a great place to go showing.