Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Thought I'd go to bed early tonight when I remembered that I didn't post anything to my blog. I got back out of bed, grabbed my laptop then back into bed and this is where I stand now (or I should say lay). As I went to grab the laptop, my day went through my head wondering if I had anything to say. Ummm nope nothing came to mind then I remembered I was thinking about what kind of day trip my husband and I could take. I know the strawberry festival was in a couple of months which brought to mind the chocolate strawberries I ate which were sooo yummy. Then I thought hmmmmm I wonder if Orlando has any chocolate festivals. I've never heard of any, and decided to look it up. To my surprise they did and do. Now I can't wait yummy... just what a diabetic like me needs :) check out the site!

Ok check y'all later!

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