Wednesday, January 20, 2010


As I sit here with you, do you remember me?
I begin to remember the great times I had as a child.
Do you remember?
I'm sorry you don't.
I sit and cry for you at the things you can't recall as your memory leaves you.
It doesn't matter because you're still alive and I love you.
I wish the lump in my throat and the tears I try not to shed would go away.
Trust me as I tell you, that life was really good to you.
Because of you and dad, I am who I am.
I wonder what you're thinking, I really want to know.
Such a terrible thing for you to have. I'm sure you would be sad, dad would be sad.
But you can't remember what life is as you memory diminishes.
Oh mom, I wish you were here with me to reminisce. We'd laugh and cry at the antics of your 8 children.
I'm sorry you don't laugh anymore.
I'm sorry you don't sing and dance.
Do you remember that you used to do those things?
You loved it, you loved life.
One day you'll be with dad and your memory will all come back.
When that day comes, you'll remember how to laugh, sing and dance.
You'll remember me then.
You will be happy again.
I love you mom.

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