Thursday, January 21, 2010

And it just fell into my lap

I was to the point where just another 30 seconds and I would have been asleep. I heard a faraway voice call my name and ask if I was asleep yet. Wondering if I heard right I called back huh? Yah, I'm up. It was my husband, he said "I forgot to tell you"......
He spoke to his brother earlier that day and asked if I would be willing to work. It was for an engineer who needed a bookkeeper.
So hears the deal... I spoke to Guy (the engineer) who needs a bookkeeper. Guy said I could work at his house or mine and work whatever hours I wanted as long as I got the job done. We would meet once a month to go over the books and have the reporting ready each month, quarterly and end of year. Then he asked me to name a price and we are good to go. WOW! Hows that... and I wasn't even looking.
Now to come up with a price hmmmmmmmm.
We'll talk again soon!


  1. Maybe if I forget about looking for a job one will drop right in my lap too!