Friday, July 17, 2009

This's and That's

I've had such a long week running back and forth to the hospital. Last Saturday, my son-in-law called to inform us that he took my daughter to the ER. She was diagnosed with a kidney stone which had blocked the passage running from her kidney to her bladder. Because she waited so long, her kidney was in the beginning stages of shutting down. Her kidneys was full of infection which also went into her blood creating havoc on her body. She was finally released this afternoon and is at home resting comfortably. So that was the down side to this past week. Now the upside of this, is that to get to the hospital, we took the back roads which was all country. It was a beautiful country scene.
About an hour ago, my husband interrupted me and asked if I wanted to go for an ice cream cone. I gladly accepted.

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  1. Great pictures! Have you gotten your new camera yet? Glad to hear Chantel is finally out of the hospital.