Friday, July 10, 2009

My 2nd Mom Hazel

This is my bestest friend in the whole wide world, my childhood friend, my friend who is like a sister to me and my friend whom I have known since kindergarten. This is Louise.
Louise still lives in Hawaii where as I live in Florida (I haven't lived in Hawaii for 27 years now) when I go home and meet up with her, it's like we take up the conversation where we last left off. We talk as if we still live next door to each other. Sometimes I really miss her and I know she misses me.
Louise called me this past Tuesday with news that her mom had passed away. If I could have gone through the phone lines to hug her I would have and she knows it. Her mom was a very strong woman who raised her 4 children by herself. She was someone whom you could go to and ask for advice without her every judging you. I loved her and will miss her.
Louise and I talked for about 2 hours before she had to leave and find a brother who doesn't know of his mothers passing.
I wish I could go home to be by her side as she was with me at my fathers passing 4 years ago. She understands, she knows I'll be home again in Sept. and as usual we'll sit and have lunch and talk.
So with a heavy heart, I bid mom Hazel a fond farewell, till we meet again in the heavens above Aloha..........

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  1. Be sure to pass my condolences on to Louise.