Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Loving The Rain

I love it when it rains. It rained almost half the day yesterday which is fine by me, it makes things feel fresh and new again.

The thunder was so loud, it reminds me thinking as a child, that all the people in heaven were bowling. My dog Kona was sitting by the front door looking out when a huge thunder clapped. Kona got so scared he yelped and threw himself on my lap shivering. Tiger the cat froze for just a second, then hid under the chair.

My niece stopped by with photos of her wedding taken by the photographer. We sat on the couch looked at the pictures with the rain as our background music. We agreed that though the photographer took nice photo's, she didn't catch things like their first kiss. She got the motion (the back of their head) and that was is it. She also caught them exchanging rings but it was a picture of the back of their hands. There also isn't a picture of the bride and groom with her parents and siblings..... what a shame. Luckily, I was sitting in the front row and caught the kiss and the ring exchange. I told her that I would try and photoshop the groom into a picture with her family. She and I had a very nice visit, when my husband came home, she sat with him going over every picture as they laughed while reminiscing.

Wishing y'all a very bloggy day!

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  1. I love a rainy night - remember that song by Eddie Rabbit? Nice pics.