Thursday, May 31, 2012

Week 1 Our journey in purchasing a home

2 years ago (almost 3) my husband and I moved to Texas due to a job transfer. It should have been a short term job with another promotion and transfer 3 years later. Because of the economy being so shaky, we decided to rent. Well... we may be here longer than we thought and so we've decided to look into purchasing a home. Our dilemma was do buy existing or new, the decision was made and we decided new.
First things first. We need to get mortgage approval. The price of the house that we're looking at I'm thinking will be less than what we'd be approved for so we'll see. The waiting is killing me, we'll find out on Tuesday. We have the the paper work together in anticipation (per our mortgage guy) of the approval and it's amount, sign the papers, pick our interior materials and start the build. Wish me luck!

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