Friday, July 3, 2009

That Darn Cat

I was feeling so bad for Tiger this morning and thought about him all day till it was time to pick him up. If you remember from a prior post, today was the day that we scheduled Tiger to be fixed. I had nothing to worry about, the girl who brought Tiger to us said they were lucky cats didn't talk because if they did, they would have gotten an ear full from my cat. They said she was making it known very loudly that she was not happy. Sure enough, we brought her home and let her loose in the spare room (once we kitty proofed it) she went to the bathroom, drank some water grumbled a bit then went to sleep. Such a male:)
I live in a city called Lakeland, all around the town they have sculptures of swans with different logos, pictures (themes), below is the swan in front of the SPCA where Tiger was fixed.


  1. Barb, why are you referring to Tiger as a SHE when we know Tiger is a HE. If he could read I don't think he'd apreciate it! haha!

  2. yeah well the girls out# the boys in my house, so we refer to everyone as she except of course chuck